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Dec 03,  · Autofellatio is a mystery & impossible, until you get instructions: i found the only Manual with every bit of information you'll need at MYTHSANDRISKS.INFO It's the most fulfilling thing I've found when i want to "do my own thing", or when my gf is out. I can tell you that I can do it as well as any of my gf's have in the past. 7/12/12, PMAuthor: Nam Vu.
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Apr 29,  · I'll be trapped in a small area for about 3 years on a project, and the girls just won't be available. For that sake I'm wondering on how I might go about training my body for auto-fellatio (sucking your own dick). I know that 1% of men can do it, but I'm not sure how you can train your body for it. Does body fat have to be a certain percentage?Followers: 8.
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